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A Best-Selling Book
by Irina Nevzlin
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“I woke up one morning in December 2018 with a book in my head. I had never thought of writing a book, but I felt an urge to share a message that derives from personal experience. If you want to make your life better, this is the book for you.”

About Irina

Irina Nevzlin grew up, studied, and started her career in Moscow. She continued in London at a large international company serving as a communications consultant and then moved to Israel in 2006. 

In her current capacity as chair of the Board of the Museum of the Jewish People in Tel Aviv, Irina, together with the new team, conducted a comprehensive, transformation of the museum. Alongside developing a new concept, they raised $100 million for the construction of a new museum. This bold change helped the museum establish and promote a novel paradigm of what it means to be Jewish, a sense of belonging and unity. Together with partners, Irina founded the Israeli Center for Better Childhood, a non-profit that empowers students in the periphery of Israel through scholarships and helps children suffering from blood-related diseases. Irina also serves as the president of the Nadav Foundation, designed to strengthen a positive collective Jewish identity.

Irina believes that to have a meaningful and positive life experience, it is essential to invest time and energy in building your own personal identity, strengthening your roots, and developing your collective identity.

Irina is married to Yuli-Yoel Edelstein, who has been Speaker of the Israeli Knesset since 2013. She is also a mother of two.

About the Book

The world is rapidly changing and our beliefs are being challenged. Many of us are uncomfortable with the political, religious, and social changes taking place.

This book offers a new approach to establishing a clear, resilient identity and enjoying a more positive, meaningful life.

Irina Nevzlin’s life experience and entrepreneurial background have led her to develop the understanding that our global world has made us all immigrants to some extent. This unique book offers a fresh perspective on how each of us can adapt with more ease to our ever-changing, complex world.


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